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Winter at home 1998

SJ MartinezComment

I realize that it being the end of July at the midpoint of summer and just about entering the dog days... this photo lacks congruency.... I know its summer

My Son, thought it might be good for me to invest some of my free time (these days that's everyday all day) and try to express my photographic thoughts on the photos and snap shots I have taken and will take... Sounds like a plan to me...

I took this photo in the mid 1990's with my very first digital camera đź“· (HP something?) it had a tiny sensor maybe 2 megapixel's, if that. I'm a gadget guy and boy was I fascinated by the technology and the immediacy of seeing what your mind’s eye was seeing and thinking that wow this tiny screen is amazing!

It was early January and we were just digging out from a very heavy snow storm seemed like twenty feet of snow found its way down my driveway… so much snow!  I cleared my way to the street, I stood in the middle, looked both ways and immediately thought “better get my camera".

This is one of several images I took that day. I was admiring the snow covered look that the street had.. it was hanging off of the overhead wires and the tree limbs, I thought it looked like a postcard.  I processed it in Lightroom 18 years later and converted it to Black and White because that's what I saw in my mind when I snapped it.  I think the conversion looks pretty good… it conveys the stillness of the day post storm.  I liked it...